Monday, June 08, 2009

Step 2: The Sculpting Process

So the sculpt was off to a great start, and I had sent Josh some of my comments and thoughts on the first version and this was his return answer:

Again I didn't think it could improve as much as it did being how I loved the first version already. We decided to tilt his "swooping cheeks" back slightly as well as shrink his hands a bit. Also flatten out his feet and move his belt line up. There were a few other things but they were all minor. Oh and we made him a little more nonchalant rather than angry.

Again I sent him back my comments with some final thoughts on the sculpt and he implemented them and started on the pose. Then he sent me this:

Awesome! I loved it even more. The gun looked like it's slugs could be potatoes and I loved that! In this version we sculpted the back of the head down slightly from what it was so the swoops were not interfered with in 3/4 views.

At this point I barely had anything left to say about the sculpt and started to really focus on the pose. I really wanted it to say a lot about Chuck's attitude and character and so I made some suggestions to Josh of how I thought we could increase the "life" he was showing. Now to give Josh a little credit he pretty much gave me the exact pose I had drawn for him in my limited and sketchy versions of a turn-a-round. He had done an absolutely amazing job thus far.
And those comments resulted in this version:

WOW!!!! I remember getting the email with this version and just staring at it for hours. I probably had those glittering effects in my eyes like those cartoons get in sappy moments. Josh basically just took away a little of the symmetry the character had and added bends, leans and some life to it. He also shrunk down the gun a bit. It was basically perfect. I had one last thought to turn the head slightly more and so the final result of the sculpt is:

I love it! Josh did such an amazing job on this and it was such a pleasure to work with him. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with for Baron Villainov!

Stay tuned for more!


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