Monday, June 08, 2009

First dilemmas

Hello again!

So I've run into my first two dilemmas with the Chuck Chance toy. Size and Colors (there's actually a third dilemma, but I'm waiting on posting that one as of yet).

So give me your feed back on these. Originally I had thought to create a toy line that ranged in size from 4-8 inches. So that
puts Chuck around the 4-5" mark and the Baron on the other end of the scale at around 7-8". The end toy will most likely not have the base/pedestal either. If you think those sizes are too large, or too small even let me know!

Secondly, the color. This problem is not as big a deal for me as the size, but something I would like to settle quickly so when it does come up I don't have to deliberate for ages and can just go to production. So I've PS'd a couple versions here. The Eisner and Tracy versions are probably a no go as I just wanted to tribute some of my influences in comics, but the rest are pretty close I think. As for the sepia and noir versions, I had thought about choosing on of those for a more limited release possibility, but who knows. Just gathering opinions at this time. So here are your choices:

So let me know you're thoughts. I'd love to hear them!

Stay tuned for more,



Zaak said...

Wow! A dead blog resurrected! This looks great Mike. I look forward to hearing about who will direct the first feature film.

Zaak said...

Oh, I like the classic with red best.

Kirkus said...

Classic Chuck and Bright color Red are my favorites

Josh Singh Portfolio and Blog said...

I like Classic Chuck Bright color red as well. But I would buy the Noir version I think. I just feel like it would look cooler on my desk. :)