Tuesday, July 21, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009!

What started out as a whisper in the wind is now actually happening. Late last Friday I managed to snag a ticket to the sold out Con for this Saturday. I've wanted to go for some time and see what all goes on. Next year I am planning to have a table if all goes well with the comic and toys and so going this year will be invaluable.

To be honest I have to give some HUGEMUNGONORMOUS "thank you"s to Howard Shum, Marty Ito, and most of all my friend Matt Schuler. These three guys who barely know me have done so much to help me out in all sorts of jams, from hotels to tickets! These guys are amazing!

I have even done some mad scramblin' and I am going to be handing out free stickers to anyone who would like one or taps me on the shoulder and says "hey eh". If all goes well tonight I also hope to have a few Chuck Chance T-shirts to give away to a few lucky random Con-er's. Here are the designs for you all to keep your eye out for:

Also, I want to thank my family who has really come together to help me make this in such short notice, from finding flights to cutting out stickers and cards, to my ever supportive wife who has done so much to help me out. Even my son who can sing the old Spiderman cartoon theme song (that one almost brought a tear to my eye ;) I love you guys!

Rock Rock On at the SD Comic Con yeah!


PS. I'll have some more new's on the Chuck Chance toy front next week too! Let's just say Joshua Singh is my hero!


CosmicPencil said...

Not a problem for the assistance, just trying to help out a fellow artist. Thanks for the shirt and all the other SWEET free swag you were passing out.

Good luck on the table. I hear it's kind of a difficult thing to swing by, but maybe you can at least get something in artist alley if the other table doesn't pan out.

Give me a holler when your over the con exhaustion. I know it's a kill-em-all bastard.


Cheeks said...