Tuesday, June 02, 2009

He's back baby! After a long "on hold" the Chuckster's getting back on the case, and in more than one form I hope. I am polishing up the storyline and planning on re-working the comic for print. I would love to have it as a finished large edition comic similar to those old Tintin and Asterix comics, but time will tell how feesable that is. As well I have some other really cool news that I am super pumped about. I've always loved those little sculptures that Disney had done of all their characters (Maquettes I think they're called), and recently I saw a long time artist that I really respect and admire (Sean Galloway) took his IP and made a vinyl collectable of it. It looks amazing, and check it out for yourself!

So in light of a lot of recent direction searching I've decided to take the plunge into this Vinyl collectible world and see what comes of it. My goal is to have the whole Chuck Chance line of characters done but for now I am going to start with what I hope is a pair. Chuck and one of his arch enemies, Baron Villainov. Chuck was an obvious choice because he is the main character and all, but Villainov was tougher because I like a number of the other antagonists as well. In the end I had to go with the rabbit eared villain because he was the original baddy from Chucks humble creation a long time ago. Sort of Superman's Lex Luthor. There are a lot of details yet to work out during this process to reach the final product, but the wheels are in motion.

The first step for me sort of fell into place and has been a huge blessing so far. A while back I had been searching for a 3d artist for another project and Joshua Singh was one of the guys I was hoping would be available. I had seen his stuff on CGTalk before and he is more than amazing and a really great guy. Very talented dude. Well, that other project hit a standstill and so we had to put it on hold. So while explaining this to Josh I shared a bit of the other stuff I had going on in my head and he just dropped a recent example of a project that he did for another guy that was exactly what I was looking to do. I looked into it a bit more and it seemed like a perfect fit. Joshua was super keen to get to work in this as well which only added to my excitement. I had and have total confidence in his ability to translate my characters into 3d.

So here are the poses that I shared with him:

I will be posting the progress of what Josh has been sending me so far over the next days and weeks. I would like to share the steps I am going through to have this done just for the sake of it.

Take care and stay tuned!


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