Monday, January 29, 2007

Chuck Chance on hiatus

Well I know it's been more than a while since the last episode of Chuck Chance and I don't want to let you think that I have forgotten or abandoned the story or comic. I was not that happy with the way that it looked at the time and I was also asked to join the Legendary project. Now that I have finished that short comic I have returned to thoughts of Chuck Chance again and what I want to do with it. In fact I have decided to redo the comic for print. It won't be done imediately as I am still doing it between other projects, but I will still post some pages up on here and more concept work to keep you in the loop as things get done. So until then here are some of the new designs for some of the characters in the story, some of the characters you know (well all 2 of them) and the others will be revealed in the story.

So take care for now, and sorry for the long wait,


Anonymous said...

Yah for chuck!

Alina Chau said...

Great character drawings!

Mark Montague said...

Wonderful work.